Ther-XMove Well. Get Fit.

You may not be able to do EVERYTHING at once, but you CAN do something AT ONCE.

I hope this website will allow you to get to know more about me and my Ther-X program.
I feel as if I was put here to help others reach a higher potential, and I do my best to practice what I preach.
So I invite you to contact me regarding your current status and what you would like to achieve. We can set up an Initial Evaluation and figure out a Ther-X program suited for your limitations and/or aspirations.
— Anna Padilla DPT., CSCS

Ther-X is a flexible program designed by Anna specifically for you. It melds Therapy and Exercise based on the your current status and curtailed to your goals. Ther-X is based off the theory "Move Well Get Fit." It is a model of training that is suitable for everyone; young, old, injured or active.